Shop Christian apparel in Arizona

Where can you find Christian apparel in Arizona?

Wear what you stand for…. Team Jesus!

It’s so important to represent what you believe in and when we discovered Amor Clothing, a Christian Apparel company in Arizona through one of our sisters, we couldn’t wait to wear pieces, buy pieces and share with any and everyone. The quality of Amor Clothing is unreal and the unique and adorable designs for baby, toddler and mama are so special. It’s one of our favorite places to shop online for gifts for mama and baby! PLUS, Amor Clothing was born in Arizona – that’s right, the owner is from Arizona and although this is a global company, we love that it is still technically local. Plus the deliveries come so fast because they ship close to home!



We bought these Christian newborn sets from Amor Clothing for a baby shower!

Below is another haul we recently made when we were announced as Amor Clothing’s newest Ambassadors!

Team Jesus Hats? Yep!

Sweaters and sweatshirts for the upcoming Fall Season? Oh Yes!

A precious cross ring to remember His promise? mmHmm!

Are you ready to start representing what you believe in?

Start shopping at Amor Clothing

+ And to be transparent, as Ambassadors, we do get a little kickback on any purchase you make by clicking on our affiliate links OR by using the promo code OFFTHEAZ303, which also gives you a 10% discount, too.  



Oh and how can we forget to share this amazing news too? Amor Clothing also has a huge Christian Apparel assortment inside one of the best gift shops in the West Valley called Screws and Sparkles, located in Buckeye, Arizona! It’s a much wider assortment than what they offer online, too and we promise you will pick up at least 2-3 items while there.