Kid-Friendly Things to do in Williams, Arizona


Looking for ways to escape the Arizona summer? Interested in planning a day trip to Northern Arizona but unsure what to do or whether or not the littles would enjoy it? We gotcha! We planned the ultimate Northern Arizona day trip with a strong list of kid-friendly things to do in Williams, Arizona. We left at 9am and returned home by 8pm with an action-packed day that was worth the 2-hour drive. We enjoyed cooler weather, enjoyed action-packed adventure while learning quite a bit about animals… and dinosaurs!



Yes – Williams, Arizona is home to the largest museum of fossilized poop. Before you say YUCK, it’s actually really interesting and trust us when we say the kids will be so intrigued, especially dinosaur lovers! It takes minutes to walk around with a large gift shop in the middle. It’s 100 percent worth visiting!  We promise you will giggle, wonder and learn something new at Poozeum!



Canyon Coaster Adventure Park in Williams, Arizona is an absolute thrill. The Canyon Coaster is fast, fun and something the whole family enjoyed. They offer a summer package deal to ride on the coaster once paired with 3 slides down their mountain on tubes and it is soooo much fun. They actually have a staff member waiting at the bottom to spray you down as you come down – the kids will squeal with joy and it also cools them off a bit!  It’s the perfect escape for a family looking for action. It’s also located right off the famous Route 66 and is walking distance to some of the best restaurants and shops.



The ultimate petting zoo but pause on the farm animals and instead feed and pet deer! Yes, there is a deer farm near Williams, Arizona that offers unique hands on experiences for animal loving families. Although the deer are the main attraction, we fell in love with their camel Gracie, porcupines, wallaby, reindeer and zonkeys! You walk through the main area where deers roam free waiting for you to feed them then stay on the paved path to meet and see the other animals. You can pay for zoo keeper style experiences and actually pet and hold a wallaby or porcupine.



Need for speed? The Route 66 Zipline is open and it’s an adventure you can enjoy solo, tandem or as a family! Fly 1,400 feet in distance over the train tracks at 30 mph backwards and forwards in Williams, Arizona right off Route 66.


Ok – we guarantee all that adventure will make you starving for some good local food and we think you should try Nany’s Tacos, the best restaurant in Williams, Arizona. Sure, there are a lot of unique ol’ school diners and all of them are wonderful but don’t sleep on Nany’s. The food was outstanding – we enjoyed shrimp tacos, carne asada fries and a chicken burrito smothered in green sauce. It was spicy yet flavorful and we found ourselves talking about how good it was even on our drive home! 

Look! Williams, Arizona is a blast with plenty of family-friendly things to do. Make it a day trip or enjoy a longer stay but we promise a little escape from the summer heat to enjoy nature, the woods, cooler weather and new adventures is always so refreshing for the soul!


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