Be A Rebel With This Arizona Ice Cream Truck

Rebel Blends is a local Arizona ice cream truck in the West Valley making people think twice about dessert. They deliciously blend various cereals with ice cream and make the most dreamy concoctions like the famous Rainbow Freedom!

Yes – you read that right! Ice Cream + Cereal = one of a kind local dessert that you need to try to RIGHT NOW! This Arizona ice cream truck’s soft serve is so smooth and their extra toppings are so sweet and nostalgic!

ice cream truck in ArizonaThe RAINBOW FREEDOM was a blend of fruity pebbles, captain crunch with lucky charms marshmallows and a rainbow airhead! They also have Defiant Strawberry made of Golden Graham’s & Strawberries …. And Peanut Butter Mavericks with Butter finger, cookie crisp and reeses puffs! Whatever you do – run as fast as you can to them. They also offer every blend as a milkshake and also serve up coffee, cold brew, fruit blends and more!

ice cream truck in arizona

This Arizona ice cream truck in the West Valley frequently visits CCV Peoria Stars fields up in North Peoria, but as a local Sun City West Food Truck, you can find them all over… or book them for your next party!

Visit their website to see their full menu and follow their Insta to see where they will be next!

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