Bringing My 3 Ring Circus to Circus Circus in Las Vegas

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Viva Las Vegas! We have three kids who are born within 3 weeks of each other – so every year, we call it “Christmas in July” and head out on an adventure to celebrate their birthdays with a trip. This year, we chose Circus Circus, a kid-friendly hotel near Arizona.

OK – I have to be honest. I was very hesitant about bringing my kids to Vegas because the Vegas I knew, was not kid-friendly. However, my husband had a very different experience and always went to Circus Circus as a kid and has some incredible memories from it. So, we drove to this kid-friendly hotel near Arizona planning and WHOA! It was insanely affordable… and super kid friendly!

So we drove 5 hours north off the AZ 303 and made our way to Las Vegas. On our way up, we did stop by the Hoover Dam but kept it pushing to enjoy every minute of our short 3-day vacation!

Kid Friendly Attractions at Circus Circus

arcade at Midway Water slide at Circus Circuskid friendly hotel near Arizona

So Circus Circus has three attractions that make it the most kid-friendly hotel near Arizona — the huge splash pad with water slides, Adventuredome Indoor Amusement Park and Midway the ultimate arcade experience.

We hit up Midway the first night which is on the top of the casino and offers a Peter Piper Pizza game room experience in true Vegas Fashion. Games & lights everywhere… every kind of game you could imagine. You buy a game card … decide how much you want to put on it and let the kids go hard with arcade-style games, video games, carnival games, etc.

In between games, there is a circus stage and various acrobat and clown acts come on stage as well to perform. It’s truly amazing and time will escape you!

The Circus Circus Splash Pad in Las Vegas

The next day, we decided to take the monorail down to MGM Grand to experience the M&M Store and show the kids some sites from The Strip. I was a little worried about seeing inappropriate people or marketing materials, but to my surprise, we didn’t see any of that! After our long stroll and lots of M&Ms, we decided to hit up the Splash Pad and Water Slides. It was clean, fun for all ages and the perfect way to cool down before another late night at Midway!

Circus Circus splash pad

Learn more about The Midway at Circus Circus and consider heading up there for a family-friendly adventure in Las Vegas. It is possible! And I would do it again!

arcade in kid friendly hotel near Arizona

Browse through other kid-friendly locations off the AZ 303!