That Place Subs & Salads | Arizona Sandwich Shop

Sandwich place in Peoria, Arizona

That Place Subs & Salads is THAT PLACE! If you are in the mood for a samich – this is the place to go! 

That Place is an Arizona sandwich shop in Peoria, Arizona, located off the AZ 303, off Happy Valley Rd or Lake Pleasant Parkway exits and it’s delicious! The staff is uber-friendly, the sandwiches are fresh and filling and the mood is gangsta! When you walk in, you will see old mob style photos and mug shots on the wall. In addition to sandwiches, they also serve up salads, desserts, Chicago-style hot dogs, polish sausage, and Italian beef sandwiches. Stop by and enjoy eating in their diner OR get it delivered by ordering online! They also cater!

Fun Fact: All the menu items from this Arizona Sandwich Shop are named after original gangsters and their walls are filled with photos of ol’ gangsters, too!

Sandwich restaurant in Peoria, Arizona

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