Aimee’s Swine House | Arizona Breakfast Spot

Omelette at Arizona Restaurant

This Arizona Restaurant offers twist on pigs in a blanket with noble appetizers & sides! 

Throw some bacon on it at Aimee’s Swine House, a Arizona Breakfast restaurant in Phoenix, near Cave Creed Rd! We had some errands to run so we got off the AZ 303, hopped on the 17 to the 101 and decided to try something new and local!

Aimee’s was it! We found her on Yelp and walked into a beautiful ol’ school diner with pig decor everywhere. We fliped through the tiny menu and ordered the Pigs in a Blanket, Noble Bread Eggs and Grits!
grits at Arizona Restaurant Pigs in a blanket at Arizona Restaurant
The grits were absolutely delicious with honey and a fried egg on top! We’ve never had grits served up like that and my husband said he would come back for those over and over again. The Pigs in a Blanket at this Arizona restaurant, was a twist on the classic, but more like a tasty pulled pork omelette. The menu is small but mighty and I’m certain if a budget was endless, we would have tried it all!
What really got me was the “Free Appetizer” – that’s right, they deliver little warm mini scones and muffins before your entrees come out! So delish! Other “go-to” and famous items on their menu are their Scramble Tower, Jonny Cake (cornmeal and bacon fat pancakes), and Avocado Toast. It’s a tiny little diner sprinkled with adorable Pig decor everywhere you turn, but it gives you such nostalgia … and paired with delicious unique dishes, you will LOVE your time there!

Free Appetizers at Arizona Restaurant

They also have a great patio space with misters for private parties or group reservations!  Learn more at make sure to follow them across all the socials!

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