Local Nonprofits in the West Valley

Serving others whether in big ways or small is the best feeling in the whole world. It warms your heart, it reminds you of your purpose and encourages those being served to pay it forward!  You never know what one act of kindness can do in a person’s life including completely transforming it. It’s extremely important to us and as we raise the next generation, we want to make sure it’s important to them, too.

So, we gathered a list of places to serve off the AZ-303, including some local nonprofits in the West Valley we believe you should know about! As you discover these Arizona nonprofits, we strongly suggest you continue to dive in to learn more via their website and find out all the various ways to support them OR utilize their services for yourself, neighbors, family, and friends. Each of these local nonprofits in the West Valley are truly inspiring and incredible places to serve.

Local Nonprofits in Peoria, Arizona

  • bloom365
    • An incredible organization dedicated to preventing abuse before it happens by teaching the next generation about healthy relationships. bloom365 means “Bring Love On Others More, 365 days a year.” Meet the owner, Donna Bartos, in North Peoria Lifestyle’s magazine feature.
  • Peoria Diamond Club 
    • A nonprofit for all nonprofits in Peoria, Arizona. They are always looking for ways to invest in the youth of our community by supporting other local nonprofits through grants plus creating incredible opportunities for kids now… and ways to enhance their futures.
  • Camp Tuku
    • A nonprofit summer camp in Mayer, Arizona, but the Director lives in Peoria, Arizona. This summer camp is a traditional sleepaway camp, but with a mindfulness approach. In every activity they do from archery, pet care, wilderness exploration, woodworking, and kayaking – they do it with a mindfulness component to build resilience in kids!

Local Nonprofits in Sun City, Arizona

  • Eve’s Place
    • Mobile advocacy program supporting all domestic violence victims.
  • Valley View Community Food Bank
    • A local food bank that provides food boxes that go out to various locations across the Valley. They also offer thrift stores for that are open to the entire community. There are countless ways to help support them from time, money and donations!
  • Sun City West Foundation
    • “Helping Hands” helps over 15,000 residents with medical equipment from soak aids to walkers, bath seats, toilet risers, and everything in between!

Local Nonprofit in Surprise, Arizona

  • Spencer’s Place
    • A local coffee shop that came about from a project from Employed & Overjoyed to introduce equal employment opportunities to indvidiauls with intellect and developmental disabilities. It provides adults with disabilities job training and direct skill development to earn a paycheck, build relationships and gain a sense of purpose.
  • A New Leaf’s West Valley Housing Assistance Center
    • A center that  helps families move from crisis to stability with housing, family services, foster care, financial empowerment services and more!

Local Nonprofits in El Mirage, Arizona

  • Hope Women’s Center 
    • A nonprofit center offering free education and mentoring for women and teens facing difficult situations. They also have a maternity home called “Anna’s place” for those who are pregnant and need extra assistance and support.

Local Nonprofit in Litchfield Park, Arizona

  • Peace Through Music International
    • A unique nonprofit in our Valley with a mission is to transform war-impacted kids from around the world through locally-run, youth-led music education programs. If you are a music family, this one is for you and we strongly suggest you dive in. You can help raise money by donating your practice time.

Local Nonprofit in Goodyear, Arizona

  • Hope’s Closet  at New Life Center
    • A local thrift store helping support survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • The Honey Foundation 
    • A foundation that provides age-appropriate kindness curriculums to help students learn life skills by being kind which leads to success and happy lives!


Other ideas for serving off the AZ 303 in Arizona this holiday season include:

  • Attend a local Christmas event or farmers market that is hosting a food drive!
    • Many larger local Christmas events and farmer’s markets will host a food drive or gift drive by partnering with local nonprofits in the West Valley!
  • Reach out to local schools and discover their needs.
    • Schools need supplies, deep cleans, appreciation notes, and more! Reach out to a local PTO or the administration and see what you and your crew can do to serve them!
  • Volunteer Clean up local parks and streets.
    • Drive off the AZ 303 and discover new parks and commit to cleaning up the streets and parks around them. Organize a local neighborhood “clean up” day.
  • Find some hang time with our youth
    • Serve your neighbors by hanging with our youth this winter break. Volunteer to watch them, take them to a park, coordinate a regular hang at your house for teens, etc.
  • Serve at your local church
    • Christmas is a time when people head back to church due to the reason of the season. Serve those newbies who are interested in growing their relationship with Jesus.
  • Shop Local AZ
    • Some local businesses in Arizona will partner with local nonprofits in the West Valley to give back – support those businesses!

Are you a local nonprofit in the West Valley that would like to be added to our list of places to serve? Contact us!